1: Ursa


From the very first notes of Australis, the first track off of Novembre’s seventh album, I knew that this album was something special. The epic atmosphere of this album is nothing new to the likes of Novembre, but whereas previous releases always contained a cold, gloomy atmosphere, Uras begins with the sound of revitalized hope and excitement.

Named after the French translation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm (Union Des Républiques Socialistes Animales), Ursa gets better and better with each track, without losing pace or energy. The production is incredibly clear, I can almost hear the fingers of the musicians plucking each note and the overall sound of the instruments are coated with a glossy sheen that gives the music a soft, dreamlike atmosphere.

Each track is impressive in its own right, but it is the gorgeous “Oceans of Afternoons” that stands out the most. “Agathea” is an incredibly engaging 9-minute long instrumental that sounds almost archaic in its melody and arrangement.

Novembre are a vastly talented yet underrated metal band and Ursa has definitely definitely been played the most on my stereo and music players. The compositions are incredibly engaging and just plain inspiring and the atmosphere that the band expresses with its excellent musicianship makes Ursa my number one pick as the best metal album for 2016.


Thanks for following along on my countdown of the top ten metal albums for 2016.

If you disagree with my list, or if you do agree but for different reasons, feel free to let me know and post your top top ten in the comments.



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